Thursday, December 30, 2021

Omicron Infections Soar But Hospitalizations and Deaths Lag Behind When Does Biden, CDC and FDA to Therapy Drugs Cease to Be Blind and CDCodebeI


The man  who vowed he would shut the virus down
Was too arrogant to eat crow as we set the record to solidify his record as a clown
Highest single daily record of COVID cases during the entire pandemic
The failure of Biden and his minions to curtain the virus is systemic
Not enough test kits since Omicron caught Biden completely unaware
The production of COVID test kits had not ramped up and the cupboard of existing kits almost bare
Probably had record carbon emissions as cars waiting for COVID tests stretched for miles and consumed hours of time
If people walked to the sites they would be doing a snail like advance inching ever so slowly in lines
Across the nations hospitals and airlines were understaffed due to vaccine mandates that forced employers to fire
So over a 1000 flights cancelled with travelers stranded across the nation
For long hours and even days  muttering “Let’s Go Brandon” voicing their condemnation
Flip Flop Fauci who has yet to be right consistently when it comes to strategies apes a one trick pony
Attracted to vaccines as the only viable weapon showed him to be somewhat phony
Omicron infections continue to across the nation soar
But not keeping pace are the openings to the ICU and morgue doors
When will the light bulbs go on with the Blues that secretly the virus extols
Longer it is present the easier with mandates under guise of public health to exert over our lives control
Voting, travel, religion, education, dining out, weddings and funerals and political campaigns

When do we realize the virus will not go away but the Blue draconian control measures we must deign
© December 30, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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