Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Biden Rightfully Ridiculed for Wearing a Mask Walking His Dog on the Beachw


Listening to Biden makes him the poster child for dementia symptoms on display
No wonder his handlers try to shield him as his cognitive abilities fade away
Watching him is like watch the theater of the absurd
Masked walking his dog on the beach must not CDC guidelines for masks outside not heard
Now dogs can be infected with the virus but with a leash six foot plus long
Maybe to avoid offending dog lover voters a muzzle mask does not belong
Photo of him and his dog on the beach looks like he is along
With his protective Secret Service bubble outside the infection zone
Mocked on social media for wearing a mask
Yet so often even while coughing meeting supporters not up to the task
The photo reveals that Biden’s not a good dog owner as he is not holding a bag for doggie poop
Maybe the youngest member of his Secret Service Protection detail follows behind with bag and scoop
The denizens of Feces City who like Pavlovian dogs since he is a Blue voted for Joe
To help him keep his Green Champion image should on him a Turdlebag for dog poop to bestow
When a masked president fully vaccinated and with a booster alone on beach with a dog
Feels the need for a mask to be protected convincing the rest of us to be vaccinated becomes a tough slog
© December 29, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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