Wednesday, December 15, 2021

NYT Reporter Raises Question of Biden's Cognitive Ability to Remain in Office Should Vow Not to Run in 2024


New York Times  Bret Stephens has raised the issue of the 600 lb. gorilla in the office the Blues can no longer ignore
The issue of Biden’s mental fitness to continue to serve much less run again in 2024
When a journalist for the leftist New York Times on Biden makes an observation very astute
Biden seems … uneven. Often cogent, but sometimes alarmingly incoherent," a warning that dementia has taken root
On the issue of cognitive ability or impairment Reagan at age 69 was for the MSM fair game
Yet his physical and mental energy puts that of Biden to shame
Stephens finally has raised the issue and so raised the dam may soon burst
It should be clear that 2024 for Biden is a pipedream and the Blues should be preparing for what is worse
So far Biden has refused to take a cognitive test so we have no results on which to opine
But watching his numerous lapses, misstatements, locational and date awareness he looks like someone at the end of his line
Anyone who believes our allies and foes are not convinced he is weak and mentally frail
Just look at how China, Russia, Iran and North Korea on moving on the aggression trail
Taiwan in the crosshairs, likewise the Ukraine, missiles into the Sea of Japan, more weapons grade uranium being made
Our security and safety throughout the world and our military seem to continually degrade
Thanks to his quest for diversity we have a number 2 who is clueless and without experience or skills
Can’t even plug in an EV but can her office decorate while her epiphany to the root causes of immigration we await still
God help us even as in 2022 we take over number 3 have no alternative other than to 25th Biden if he won’t leave
And try to find and confirm as VP a moderate Blue with a foreign policy spine to until 2024 some safety achieve
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