Thursday, December 23, 2021

Pandemic Hitting Budget--Stay Home or Eat Out But Reduce the Tip?


Interesting reaction to the diner who praised server for job
But under tough times to his wallet have robbed
Some blamed the diner for an 8% tip on a plus $70 tab
If he couldn’t pay the freight he should’ve stayed home and a home cooked meal grabbed
Others gave the diner a break for not having enough credit or cash
In his own way eating there to keep the place open and not financially crash
This pandemic has been a real hardship for food service owners and staff
With shutdowns, reduced capacity or take out or delivery only both have taken the shaft
At least for the owner his place is still open to serve
And at least the server still has a job and more diners with potential for better tips to her income level preserve
We should be encouraging people to eat out whether they are big tippers or not
Lots of jobs at stake many entry level or part time being sought
This poet may incur the wrath of food servers with statement of what’s normal the article presents
According to the author normal tip is 18-20 percent
My normal tip is 15 percent not including the sales tax added to the bill
Sending additional dollars to fund government waste and fraud gives me too much of a chill
Most servers are motivated to provide good service and tipping gives them an additional boost
Banning it and raising wages could lessen service and bring home higher costs to roost
© December 23, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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