Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Teachers Union Not Getting Money's Worth for DNC Donations As Biden Reinstates Trump Policy That Resignation or Retirement Did Not Erase Record of Teacher Sexual Misconductidnga that?Rcontrt


Teachers by and large probably have the best interests of the kids they teach in their hearts
But the Teachers Unions who to almost the last dime support the Blues have from that idea never held it from the start
In order to provide and ensure accountability of teachers’ sexual misconduct schools were required to record such acts
Even if the accused teacher retired or resigned before by disciplinary action was sacked
An accused molester as a teacher could avoid a great barrier of being at another district hired
Seeing the writing on the wall of a soon to be dismissal easy to find work again by resigning or retired
Free to leave and molest once more
Trump changed the rules and sexual misconduct before resignation or retirement no longer to ignore
The Teachers’ Unions whose goal first and foremost is not to protect the kids
But the teachers whose sexual perversions make this candidates from teaching rid
Fortunately the word of the get out of accountability card was revealed
The outcry forced the Biden Administration to its rule repeal
Another sign coupled with the teaching of CRT and push to remote learning at all grades
That the Teachers Union  supposed concern for the wellbeing of kids is a total charade
© December 15, 2021 The Alaskanpoet  

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