Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Court Injunctions Looking More and More Like Proving Insanity


Most Americans agree that Biden’s cognitive abilities have been reduced to a mess
Just watching him try to complete a sentence or a thought creates great distress
The famous Biden gaffes of the past that made us shake our heads and laugh
Now bring a sense of doom showing he is so far not up to his presidential tasks
Now watching his Administration there is another growing concern
As yet another court enjoining his vax mandate we learn
Insanity definition for laymen is doing the same act over and over again
And expecting a different result will come after the act’s end
Maybe not clinically in the land of the shrinks
But in public opinion that wants a president to listen to what that court thinks
Another glaring example that on vax mandates he in the Oval Office does not fit
Even with an inept chuckles in the wings our demented president should quit

Or before on domestic and foreign disasters created by him, we choke
A time for Chuckles and his cabinet the 25th Amendment to invoke
© 12/7/21 The Alaskanpoet

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