Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Biden Folds to Progressives and Extends Student Debt Moratorium to May on Creeping Path to Forgiveness?


If one had any hopes that Biden possessed any vestiges of a spine
Connected to enough functioning neurons to out of deficit mentality climb
Those hopes were shattered when once again the Progressives pulled his puppet strings
The moratorium of student debt repayment set to expire next month was continued into the spring
Right thing to do when the economy was in 2021 still reeling but showing signs of coming back
Pausing student debt repayments so payers out of work could be once again on the employment track
But now unemployment is at record lows, millions of jobs are unfilled
Despite higher wages and signing bonuses to pay bills
Labor participation continues to sink to new lows
An increasing welfare mentality denigrating work we have seen fit to bestow
Each month more that debt repayments are paused
Moves us closer to forgiveness which for taxpayers is an idea flawed
Better would be to for those unemployed lower monthly repayments
By extending term, lowering rates and more trillions to national debt prevent
At minimum for those students still gainfully employed and able to repay
No pause in payment checks to lenders on payment due day
The Progressives want to create a new fully dependent on the government class of welfare claimants
Students who have degrees in fields that lead not to private sector jobs looking to the feds for payments
© 12/22/21 The Alaskanpoet

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