Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Another MSM Biden Free Pass as Not Enough Rapid Tests Kits As Omicron Surges


Even as the Omicron Variant was infecting people left and right
A record number of Americans stopped listening to Fauci and boarded Christmas flights
But many were unlucky and because of ant- Covid-19 requirements in place
Hundreds of flights were cancelled due to lack of crew and could not soar into holiday airspace
Omicron infections are spreading like a Santa Ana Wind driven wildfire
But unlike its cousins, Omicron has an Achilles Heel as very few infected expire
Before the knee jerk Vaccine Curtain is to be lowered down
To be the death knell for barely recovering small businesses in our cities and towns
And schools once again close their classroom doors
With the damages to learning and emotional damages the teachers unions ignore
And the unvaccinated first responders, medical personnel and military are shed
Making us less safe, some sanity from the flip flopping CDC finally instead
Reductions in quarantines for positive tests from ten days to only five
Finally FDA in approval mode on therapy drugs that enable the infected to survive
Although Biden will not admit fault for not ramping up testing kits
At least belatedly has unleashed kit producers to ramp up production lickety-split
Major failure of the man who was elected based on his vow to COVID-19 destroy
Despite ratings sinking like a stone, lack of outrage from MSM he still enjoys
In his own words with more deaths than Trump on his watch
He doesn’t deserve to be president due to a vow he has botched

© December 28, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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