Sunday, December 26, 2021

Harris Denies She Is Set Up 2 Fail

 Harris who thus far has failed in the most important issue Biden tasked her to do
To address the root causes of illegal immigration that have illegals pouring through
Denies she is being set up to fail
Claims the tough issues are those faced on her political trail
Admits she should get out from the Swamp more
Watching her stuck there more belief that tough issues like the  border she ignores
A brief stop in El Paso miles from the border  after months of “Where’s Waldo Shame”
Once to Guatemala where the president there said Biden’s policies were to blame
Biden and Harris were handed a border with crossings at all-time lows
Due to portions of the wall done and requirement asylum seekers had to stay in Mexico
A majority admit our legal immigration policy is a policy that immigrants wanted here does not heed
Who we should admit are the best and the brightest not charges on the public welfare who have the skills we need 
If the border were secured again by reinstating Trump policies once more
Rational efforts to reform immigration we would have a chance to have in store
Sound immigration policy is not like trout fishing with catch and release
To head to the interior never to be seen again as ICE deportations cease
But not while the flood of illegals from all over the Earth
Increases in terms of numbers and in quality keeps getting worse
Problem is that the Progressives in the Blues delusionally think they have a mandate which they do not
Biden has no spine and his puppet masters are accelerating our decline and deepening rot

© December 26, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

© 12/26/2021 The Alaskanpoet

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