Monday, December 13, 2021

Psaki Blames Crime on Pandemic and Not The Anti-Victims Policies of the Left


Psaki’s deceptions and obfuscations merit nothing but shame
But she’s only a puppet having her strings pulled by an administration that bears the blame
If she were to cease the lies and the truth reveal
The firing bells for her would immediately peal
To much or a political hack to have the integrity to resign
So she stands with a straight face and touts on crime blame the pandemic line
She must think we are so stupid that we would believe
That smash and grab mobs needed luxury goods to food on the table achieve
Grocery stores that stock necessities of life unless a BLM riot was in place were immune
No we are witnessing the perfect storm of causes to our civilization doom
BLM movement to defund and fry them like bacon the police
Leftist D.A.’s that prosecution of rioters and property crimes they chose to cease
In the goal of equity and public safety be damned no more cash bail
Or if required Leftist Go Funding accounts to efforts to keep felons off the streets would fail
Then to apply the coup de grace on police moral watching cops resign in droves watching arrested on the streets quickly back
Police “reform” efforts that would expose police to criminal sanctions in split second responses to stop a criminal attack
The blame belongs on the likes of Soros, Boudin and Gascon who in favor of felon the scales of justice tip
 And the cop defunders that make living in one’s home or leaving for work, school or shopping in a deadly grip
© December 13, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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