Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Maddow Misled On Protection Of Vaccine As Omicron Infections Rise Time For "Pseudo Journalist" To Retract


When it comes to damage to viewers what is more damaging and worse?
A star of the silver screen cast as an intelligent character in a script is infected with I know what’s best curse
Or the person on the news purporting to be a journalist
But who cannot her leftist advocacy and bias resist
Listening to a pseudo journalist like Rachel Maddow the answer is clear
A movie is only entertainment not reality but news is based on facts we think we hear
From Rachel too often cloaked as news her biased opinion and slant appear
Why her passing herself off as a “journalist” we should all fear
Case in point was her nightly rants that with the vaccine COVID-19 was stopped in its tracks
A vaccinated person could not be infected or another person with the virus attack
Doubt Rachel ever saw the inside of a classroom or read a text book required in med school
But with her solemn pronouncements on the effect of the vaccine she was proved to be a fool
The vaccinated sadly could be infected with euphemistic descriptive name
Was called a “breakthrough” infection as the virus was not so easily tamed
Wonder how many viewers listening to “Doctor Maddow” who were vaccinated and then were infected
And died or were hospitalized in two scenarios the vaccine was supposed to have rejected
Or worse in a social gathering caused others to suffer the same fate
For her misleading pronouncements like the Russian Collusion Hoax how long for an apology must we wait?
© December 28, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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