Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Like the SUV that drove itself the Fox Christmas Tree was a fault for spontaneous combustion


The New York Times used to be worth reading what was inked on its news print
After all it was a paper of record with all the news fit to print
From that standard the Grey Lady’s standards of excellence have faded fast
Objective reporting of the news as news not opinion has disappeared into the past
On the early morning of National Christmas Tree Day an arsonist set fire to the Christmas Tree outside of Fox
Burning an iconic symbol of Christians who celebrate the birth of Christ on Christmas to Christianity mock
Did this now discredited rag report the arson as a hate crime?
By a homeless Craig Tamanaha who tried to flee but could not get away in time
No, the headline was the tree caught on fire as if by spontaneous combustion it did ignite
Sending smoke and flames into the winter night
Like the black racist who drove his Red SUV into a Waukesha Christmas parade to kill and maim
Headline was car drove into the parade as if the car was at fault and it not the black racist we should shame
This rag is driven to print only all the news that’s fit to print that supports its leftist slant
The over used white supremacist, white racist idiotic rants
But Fox is not a wimp to by cancel culture and PC warriors  fold its tent
A replacement tree with ornaments and lights will to the site be sent
Hopefully with armed guards or off duty police to arrest any repeat attempt
While the rest of us hold leftist rags like the New York Times in utter contempt
© 12/8/21 The Alaskanpoet

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