Thursday, December 30, 2021

Maxwell's Convictions Means Some Sweating Pedophile Crooks If Maxwell Has Participants Black Book

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were a really perverted pair
Epstein was the main sexual abuser who attracted others to share
On his private jet known as “The Lolita Express”

Rich and politically powerful men hopped aboard when their pedophile urges they could not repress
Awaiting trial Epstein was either murdered or committed suicide in jail
Any attempt to get from him the willing pedophile “Johns” sadly doomed to fail
Ghislaine sometimes joined in the decadence but her main role was that to procure
A steady flow of minor girls to satisfaction of the pedophile urges of “Johns” on the Express insure
Sexual harassment and abuse by men with reptilian brains is a heinous, disgusting crime
But if the victim is a minor words cannot describe the revulsion only the need to lock away for a very long time
Maxwell was convicted on 5 of 6 counts of trafficking involving just 4 out of the scores of victims and faces upwards of 65 years
For the multitude of Johns who sexually abused the female minors there has to be major growing fears
Facing in essence a death sentence in prison look for Maxwell to begin to the identities tell
If any so named are arrested, tried and convicted they deserve long time in a cell
Prince Andrew is already be sued by a former minor abused and Clinton made many trips on the jet
Justice is supposed to be blind to wealth and political power a foundation for law we must never forget
The crime is not the act of a victim but the abuser's
If she is not offered leniency and those so named not investigated we and the rule of law are the losers
But this time we cannot have a Epstein déjà vu and in her cell she must not die
Her guards must be 24/7 and the cream of the crop and to bribes defy
© 12/30/21 The Alaskanpoet

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