Monday, December 20, 2021

Blues Fleeing the House to Escape the 2022 Red Tidal Wave


Unlike the “Blue Wave” in 2020 that was supposed to tag Reds as all Trumpsters and from office sweep
It fizzled far below the high tide mark resulting in a historically thin margin to the majority keep
The “Red Wave” in 2022 that is being projected as Biden’s ratings continue to drop
Will continue to surge past the majority needed line and only after historic numbers gain come to a stop
21 Blues have seen the writing on the wall and have indicated they will not run for the House next fall
If only the 21 were members of the progressive we would be cheering that the Squad shift might stall
But Stephanie Murphy, a Blue Dog from Texas, whom the Blues really need to prevent
The Blues like lemmings over the cliff of leftist destruction to be sent
Announced after Manchin's to the BBB myth death blow
From the Senate to the VP’s desk to break a tie it will not go
To save this nation’s into an increasing national debt drift
In their departing districts hopefully and Red shift
Would soon mourn that the seat to the first second generation Vietnamese-Americans whose parents fled
Who has been viewed as a moderate Blue would elect not to run unless the likely successor would be a Red
After several terms in office, it was her time to from office go
Maybe due to the pro leftist slant from the Blue Dogs from that party she chose to go
© December 20, 2021 The Alaskanpoet


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