Monday, December 27, 2021

Biden Blew It On Having More Test Kits And Admits No Federal Plan To Fight Virus


One of the main reasons Biden won is that he ran as the candidate who would beat COVID-19
Not as a general leading from the front but true to form from behind in his basement bunker scene
Trump built hospitals and  sent hospital ships to handle the surge, developed vaccines at warp speed
Imposed early on Chinese travel a ban, marshalled the power of the feds to give governors like Cuomo what they thought they would need
Voters were terrified of a virus that was killing the elderly like flies
As sadly Blue governors like Cuomo and Whitmer were sending the infected to nursing homes so the residents there would die
Harris and Biden created doubt on any vaccines created while Trump was in power
While Biden campaigned virally in his basement and from exposure to the virus cowered
Now more people have died with Biden as president and his first 12 months are not year complete
Finally as the Omicron Variant surges and infections and hospitalizations soar Biden admits defeat
In on line conference call with governors Biden was forced to admit there is no uniform federal to against the virus use
As mandatory vaccines, lockdowns and shutdowns and school closures fed urged have religious freedoms, economic viability and the best interests of children abused
Americans by in large are often quick to forgive but with the dead mounting it is hard to be a forgiver
Especially when a president who promised the Moon to get in office and once in fails on his promise to deliver
Biden promised he would defeat because he would the science hear
Instead on the ranks of unvaccinated he has demeaned as non-patriots and spread fear
Promise everything but the kitchen sink but deliver squat
Only chance for Blues is that voters in a little over 10 months will have Biden’s failure forgot

© December 27, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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