Friday, December 3, 2021

Defund the Police Coupled With Soros Money for Leftist D.A.'s and Liberal Judges Perfect Storm Against Public Safety


If you turn on your TV for local news or read a paper for local news you are in for a surprise
In city after city, most Blue run, violent crime with record deaths is on a historic rise
The bodies are filling up the morgues to overflow
Should have been foreseen as the consequences of policies we had to know
We have been hit with the perfect storm
Unless policies reverse never again can we return to a more peaceful and safe norm
The easiest to see is the misguided movement to defund the police
Less cops visible on the streets sure bet violent crime would increase
More subtle and not in public view are the D.A.’s aping our DHS with catch and release
If undermanned and overworked cops seeking a suspected felon get a break and a shooter nab
Leftist D.A.’s refuse to prosecute or push for no bail release and the public face threats of being added to the morgue’s victims’ slab
If the public is lucky a D.A. prosecutes and a conviction from the jury obtains
Too often the judge imposes a slap on the wrist sentence so felon is not long by a prison retained
When that convicted felon appears for a hearing on his parole
In L.A. Gascon bans D.A.’s from contesting aiding a felon in effort to get back on the streets to continue his criminal goals
Biden foolishly said that White Supremacists were the greatest threat to the security of this nation
When in reality Soros’ wealth and desire to spend it for leftist D.A.’s and judges merits our condemnation
As long as he finances defunding the police and the goal of catch and release
We are doomed to see our safety decrease and violent crime increase
© December 3, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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