Friday, December 3, 2021

BLM Calling Blacks to Boycott White Owned Businesses During Christmas


Christmas is supposed to be a cherished time of peace
To the venom toward our fellows curb and violence cease
Many as they watch Black Friday sales and melees
And the religious underpinnings of the celebration of the birth of Christ on Christmas Day
Believe the tradition of Magi’s gifts set forth in the Bible may have lost its true meaning along the way
The Babe in the manager has been replaced by the need to climb out of the almost yearlong red ink hole
Merchants this year more than ever need to generate sales even if it means to sell one’s soul
Shelves that would normally be well stocked with enticing red tag sales
Seem somewhat barren as containerships float for days waiting to unload to no avail
Another wrench in the holiday Christmas holiday buying season for shoppers to face
As BLM instead of a White Christmas wants to put a boycott of white owned stores in place
Encouraging shoppers to support black owned businesses is a meritorious goal
But a boycott because the owner is white is dangerous path marked by shoals
No wonder many large public companies cowered by charges of white guilt
Donate funds to BLM which with its Marxist leanings wants to destroy the economic engine that has been built
The BLM fails to realize that boycotts are two edged swords
Boycott white owned business and a loss of white shoppers is the unwanted reward
Let this be a true season of good will and cheer
So business owners due to color of skin loss of shoppers should not fear
© December 3, 2013 The Alaskanpoet

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