Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Paper Tiger Omicron Rolling Us Back to Vaccine Mandates, Masks, and Lockdowns

 Small businesses after a 2020 of masks lockdowns & reduced capacity that buried 2 many

Looked 2 2021 w/hope that w/Trump warp speed vaccines they would return 2 customers not few but plenty

But before comeback Delta raised its deadly head

Infections soared through lockdowns as vaccines rose along w/more dead

Teachers unions oblivious 2 online learning adverse effects fought school openings tooth & nail

Hand in glove w/DNC in urban schools 2 against in classroom learning rail

Finally FDA OKed vaccinating kids over 12 & students were able 2 classes return

Not so 4 under 6th graders 4 whom it was most critical they in classrooms were able 2 learn

Now vaccines approved 4 all kids over 5

So vaccine mandates the school districts quickly revived

Unprepared 4 a South Africa new variant Omicron so named not 2 insult Xi

The most contagious & soon was on an infecting spree

More contagious but aping a paper tiger 4 hospitalizations ICU’s or mortality

May B 2 soon 2 tell but apes deaths & hospitalizations of flu & cold season normality

But Blues knee jerked 2 impose vaccine mandates 4 public acts indoors & lockdowns of events while efficacy of such acts 2 contain spread ignored

Swamp Mayor Bowser just imposed a vaccine mandate 4 all indoor venues & events

4 small businesses 2 sever their solvency slender thread 2 into BK B sent

Businesses crucified on virus cross that now is most tame

Blues so ordering must bear poll booth blame

© 12/22/21 The Alaskanpoet

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