Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Amtrak Facing Worker Revolt Turns to Mandatory Testing as Opposed to Vaccines


 The Feds’ overreaching vaccine mandates received another hit
Not from another District Court Judge but from employees who would quit
If forced against their will to be forced to the take the jab
An unjustified intrusion into their body, an overreaching employer power grab
Amtrak our excuse for a national passenger rail service had demanded workers be vaccinated or be fired
Facing a worker rebellion it has seen the light and let the mandate deadline expire
Without federal funding Amtrak would be headed for bankruptcy court
In the infrastructure bill it was awarded 22 billion dollars of financial support
It may not be a federal contractor facing the same edict on vaccine mandates Biden overstepping the Constitution imposed
But its management saw the light and instead of vaccines mandatory testing chose
All of us want the planes, trains and buses to be safe come aboard
But also do not want our freedoms to travel or be employed to be gored
Fauci’s Fables and the growing distrust of the politicized CDC
When infections are still occurring among the vaccinated and easy to see
And the Omicron Variant so named to not insult President Xi
And being used by De Blasio to require vaccinations in New York City
Knock on wood, seems to be a paper tiger in terms of death rates
Causing many to on vaccination being effective choose to wait
Still our Fauci Fable wizards and the CDC seem to be alone in the world to natural immunity discount
Over 40 million of us have recovered as concerns over their credibility continue to mount
© December 14, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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