Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Not Enough Test Kits in the Swamp But Bowser in a Kafka Like Inanity Orders Negative COVID Tests Before Kids Can Return to Classrooms


Biden at the testing need switch was sound asleep
Now for his failings will a further drop in ratings reap
As the Omicron Variant increasing its infection rate speed
Sheer weight of numbers may mean more ICU beds we will need
Biden’s vaunted COVID team on Omicron was blindsided as to its ability to transmit
Like the early days of the pandemic we now face a glaring shortage of test kits
Asleep at the switch but ignoring reality he doubled down
Proclaimed anyone could get a free COVID test when not enough were around
Blues in command like Bowser in the Swamp ruled
Had to show a negative COVID test to return to school
An expanding Catch-22
That will destroy next fall the Blues
On shutting down the virus Biden proved he was the worst of the one trick ponies
Without enough test kits for parents to test his vow is totally phony
Like most Blues now without Trump to on his failings blame
Exposed as a frail, dementia suffering old man unable to the virus tame
Hindsight may be wonderful and too often to mistakes excuse
But on fighting the virus from the day he emerged from his Bunker basement on the 20th he has seemed totally confused
Time to clean house in the West Wing and give Fauci and his minions their well-deserved pink slips
Seek Red input on replacements needed to break this virus’s tightening grip

© December 29, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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