Monday, December 27, 2021

The Leftists on the View Bemoaning That They Can't Keep a Conservative Co-Host So They Have to Work Harder to Slam Each New Conservative C0-Hostthey topnaingco


Six months ago Meghan McCain fed up with the anticonservative attacks from the four leftists on The View
Called it quits to escape the ad hominem attacks by the four leftists who in attacking were without a clue
In a feeble attempt to ape Fox whose creed is “Fair and Balanced” high ranking shows with panels have liberals to appear
The leftist troika allows a token conservative to be on the show to allow viewers a different point of view to hear
But four against one demeaning attacks is something most hosts would not want to seek
And The View with its token conservative host becomes a revolving door each week
So the leftist troika of Goldberg, Hostin, and Behar now complains
That the show cannot a more permanent conservative voice retain
Doubt for a moment the co-hosts want to on political views be more diverse
More likely they hate to work harder for a new conservative and her views to more effectively curse
The low ratings that The View is doomed to face
Is due to the lack of joy, lack of sun, and lack of fun
With unchecked vitriol against Reds viewers by the millions the show shuns

If the troika had any smarts they would take diversity training on how to with conservatives issues discuss
As opposed to ad hominem attacks and trying to throw a rare conservative under the bus
It is only a question of time before the troika’s minds no longer open but only close
And fewer viewers The View chose

© December 27, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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