Saturday, December 11, 2021

Harris Tosses Abortion Right Is Nonnegotiable


When it comes to ineptness at being a heartbeat or stroke away from the Oval Office
Watching Chuckles Harris should make even the most rabid Blue nauseous
Even if the chaos and toxic workplace environment in her office we ignore and dismiss
Her main assignment of immigration czar focus on root causes was a grave parti pris
Trying to repair the damage caused by conclusions she’s way above her pay grade
She lays down the gauntlet that the states cannot by statutes abortions forbade
In her mind the right to an abortion is a woman’s basic right that prevails over a fetus’s right to be alive
Until the moment of birth it is a nonnegotiable position that even if viable the abortion right survives
Whether Roe v. Wade was rightfully decided or not is in the realm of Constitutional scholars to weigh in
Free of religious overtones of whether abortion is a right or a mortal sin
But it would seem that a state has an interest to abortions ban if the fetus is viable outside the womb
Arguments that there is no infanticide before the head pops out and chord cut should be doomed
Unless of course an abortion in late term
Is needed due to saving the mother’s life valid concerns
Abortion is such a divisive issue that it is difficult to discuss without emotions running over the top
But Chuckles’ edict the right to abortion has  no limits until the baby has left the womb must stop
Even among the most rabid pro-abortion fanatics partial birth and late term abortions are probably not in favor
Her nonnegotiable my way or the highway needs to be curbed by this over the top raver
© December 11, 2021 The Alaskanpoet


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