Sunday, December 26, 2021

Anthony Weiner Still on Parole May Not Have learned Squat and May Back Soon For Probation For Parole Violations.


Anthony Weiner a Blue Rep. from New York who was forced to in 2011 to resign in disgrace
Caught sexting women yet still had the chutzpah to enter the 2014 NYC Mayoral race
Online sexting fortunately did not sell well and won only 4.9 percent of the primary vote
But learned from the experience not one wit and continued to sexting devote
With the handle of Carlos Danger he was back on Confide
With online guile trying to get women to join him on his perverted rides
With a pregnant wife Huma Abedin in August of 2016 he was pursuing a minor to carry on an online sexual relationship
Learned not one iota of proper behavior due to resignation or mayoral landslide loss as he could not or would not free himself from sexual addiction grip
Arrested, pled guilty and sentenced to 21 months plus 3 years parole and lifetime status as a sex offender
Released 3 months early due to good behavior snow over our eyes that his sexual addiction was not raging only burnt out embers
Like to many felons Wiener is back in the news and has returned to the scene of his crimes

Wonder how soon on Confide before he will start repeating his crimes
He is still on parole which should be banning his return to certain online sites
Like going of Confide to sext again which does not seem right.

© December 26, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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