Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Psaki Blames the Pandemic but the Biden Caused Disasters Will Still Be There When Pandemic Ends Unless a Red Wave in 2022


When it comes to assigning blame the Blues are truly a one trick pony
Their finger of blame for any problem is pointed at Trump no matter how phony
Finally with the racist card and white supremacist card to over used and out of favor
Like the ice creams Pelosi and Biden tout to a sycophantic press a new flavor
Whether it’s inflation, supply shortages or the wave of homicides and violent crime sweeping the land
The new one trick pony is the pandemic that Psaki struggles to make us accept and understand
Stores emptied of luxury goods not food for the table
Knee jerk response is spin the blame with the pandemic fable
Easy target to blame as the pandemic with over 800,000 dead has no supporters to it defend
Attempt to blind us to the root causes that will be there if the pandemic ever ends
No cash bail, Soros funded D.A.’s that refuse to prosecute, defund the police and misguided acts under the guise of police reform
The confluence of attacking safety factors to bring us the perfect deadly storm
Add to that list the fact that our elite Blues could not for their residents care less
They are good only to like voting slaves pull the lever and any chance of needed reform suppress
We hope that by mid-2022 the pandemic will be on its last deadly legs
But with crime and inflation still surging, voters will rise up and toss out the Blues like the dregs
© December 14, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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