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December 1, 2021 Ridley's Believe It Or Not Rosa Parks Day


            CV World Cases: The CV pandemic across the planet continues on an increasing basis with cases now over 263 million at 263,704,691 cases,  20. 20,485,505 of which are active, 243,219,186  closed with 237,977,853 recoveries (97.85%), and cracking the 5,000,000 barrier 5,241,333 deaths (2.15% ))to continue the low trend of increased cases with increased recovery percentages and decreased death percentages with some plateaus, dips, and rises.
            CV USA Cases: Total cases now over 49 million at 49,560,906 with 9,485,305 active cases of which 13,331  are serious or critical, (8,599 on 3/25/2021) (back to steady decreases with upticks despite the  Delta variable to .141% of active cases and to decrease the reduction from the 29,271 peak on 12/31/2020 to 15,9407,023, 40,078,599 closures with 804,862 deaths (2.01%) and with 39,273,739 recoveries (97.99%). Our death rate percentage is .14% lower than the world’s death rate.
             Standing: On a deaths per million population measure on a steady but slow climb to 2412 the U.S. ranks behind Peru (5979) the new number 1 which has had a quantum leap in deaths previously unmatched which was a change in the classification to give Peru the a new method of reporting; Bulgaria the new number 2 (4152), Hungary (3606), Romania (2971), Brazil (2875) which has been hit with a rapid rise in deaths now slowing down passed by Romania, Argentina (2547), and newly added to the list Columbia (2490),  and slightly better than Belgium (2317), Mexico (2249), Italy (2220), Poland (2207), UK (2122),  Chile (1982),  Spain (1883),  Ecuador newly added to list (1845),  France (1823), Portugal (1818), Bolivia (1613),  Sweden (1485) that never closed its economy down like we did, and Switzerland (1323). 
              Tests: No need to tally tests as testing programs are functioning well.
              CV Open Gate: Lost in the pronouncements by Biden and his lackeys  that there is no crisis of illegals surging across the border is that fact that COVID-19 is alive and well and spreading in the Northern Triangle and Mexico which is  10th  on my list of deaths from the pandemic  at 2249/M with 348,048 active cases and a fatality rate of 8.31% of closed cases and the 3 countries in the Northern Triangle in terms of active cases and deaths per million are as follows even though the data may be suspect as underreported (regardless of number we need no more cases):
                     Guatemala:  Active Cases:     1384  Deaths/M  868
                     Honduras:    Active Cases: 246,931  Deaths/M 102
                     El Salvador:  Active cases:   13,185  Deaths/M  576 
               US Vaccinations: As of 12/01/21 460.8 million doses,  1.12 million per day (2 months left for 75% of population to be vaccinated) and in California 136,823  per day  (which means at least 79% of the population of California has received at least one shot which many believe is necessary to develop herd immunity (other than Flip Flop Fauci who may believe that 90% is required).  In California 59,507,598 total doses have been given (84.4%  of doses received to exceed the U.S. average of 80.5%), California has moved from  6th  to 8th of the 50 states in terms of the percentage of doses administered as a percentage of doses delivered to the states and at 63.2% of its population fully vaccinated compared to the U.S. average of 59.4% and has  moved from 14th to 12th tied with Colorado  in terms of the percentage of the population fully vaccinated compared to other states.    
               Non  CV News:  Ethan Crumbley, the 15 year old student charged with bringing a gun his father had purchased 4 days ago and shooting and killing 4 students and wounding 6 other students and a teacher, had his parents coming to school meeting with officials over their son’s behavior a couple of hours prior to the shooting (what sort of background checks would have prevent Ethan from getting a lawfully purchased firearm?); support for “Chuckles Harris” is full of buckles as Symone Sanders, another top staffer it what is becoming a very dysfunctional staff for a besieged VP has announced her retirement; Dawn Woods, the mother of Darrell Brooks who bailed him out prior to his replicated driving over and into people and the Waukesha Christmas parade, killing 6 and wounding over 40, is now blaming the system for not providing her son with mental health services over his 50 page long rap sheet career since 1999 (sadly she may be right as mental health services for the criminally inclined seem to be found far and few between in inadequate amounts); MLB managed to survive the COVID-19 restrictions that threatened to kill the sport and the fans but came out alive looking forward to 2022 only to have MLB contract expire and the players be locked out starting today (MLB needs a work stoppage or strike like a hole in the head); the bodies have not yet been buried and already idiots like disgraced Keith Olbermann is linking the shooting by Ethan Crumbley  to his mother’s 2016 support of Trump; abortion remains the most divisive and partisan issue that can rip this country apart that even members of SCOTUS lose their decorum restraint as Soto Mayor in responding to oral arguments was making the comparison to a fetus who reacts to pain of the abortion procedure to a brain dead person who has a reflex action to a strike on the knee or the sole of a foot (missed the point that the fetus has a whole life in front of him or her if able to exit the womb and the person brain will accomplish nothing in that state which will not change; after watching the nationwide push by teachers’ unions to cram CRT down kids throats, if parents were foolish enough that teachers unions cared about the best interests of their students, those thoughts should be purged as the Portland Teacher’s Unions is demanding Friday is a learn virally at home to ease teachers’ stress; Biden’s nominee for a position on the FCC has drawn outrage from Senate Reds over her positions that Fox News is the most serious threat to our democracy and the “Fair and Balanced” network never presents views conflicting with its conservative outlook (this idiot probably watches Fox at all and spends all her time glued to the MSM likes of CNN or MSNBC where conservative opinions are never heard; in the fight against COVID-19 fight the U.S. seems to be alone by not recognizing the effectiveness of natural immunity for those who have recovered and leave it to the political cartoonist to reveal why we seem to be putting all our eggs in the vaccine basket and ignoring natural immunity:                                                                                              


              Chicago Gun Violence: Hey is alive and well to collect data to show that through November 26, 2021, gun violence involving mostly persons of color shooting mostly persons of color in Chicago is alive and well with 4249 persons shot of whom 743 have died.
              As always, I hope you enjoy today’s holidays and observances, factoids of interest for this day in history,  a recording link “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby with the Ken Darby Singers and John Scott Trotter and His Orchestra, the fact that your sipes have many more miles to go before needing replacement; and a quote by John Noulton on the attitude of the British people to the Channel Tunnel, 
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Rosa Parks Day—commemorating the refusal of Rosa Parks on this day in 1955 to move from her “colored section” bus seat on a Montgomery, Alabama bus after the bus driver in order to allow standing white passengers to sit down relabeled in “white only” which prompted her arrest which led quickly to the Montgomery Bus Boycott which lasted for 381 days until SCOTUS ruled that segregation on buses was a breach off the 14th Amendment and celebrated in the states of Ohio, Oregon and Texas and other jurisdictions the date of her birthday December 4.
World AIDS Day—created by the World Health Organization on this day in 1988 to created awareness of the AIDS pandemic and to mourn for the millions who have died from it.

             3.  1942  Number 1 Song USA—the number 1 song in 1942 on this day was the biggest Christmas music hit of all time “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby with the Ken Darby Singers and  John Scott Trotter and His Orchestra on a run of 9 weeks in that position to join 8 other songs that achieved number 1 status. Here’s a recording of Bing Crosby with the Ken Darby Singer and John Scott Trotter and His Orchestra:

             4.  Word of the Day—the word of the day is “sipe” which a grove or channel on the tread of a tire to improve its grip on the road and which is most needed as winter brings snow, sleet and rain to challenge our driving.
Drugs and Martial Arts Don’t Mix—celebrating the birth on this day in 1951 of noted American jazz electric bassist Jaco Pastorius  who was a member of the band Weather Report in 1981 but who struggled with addiction and bipolar issues and after leaving Weather Report had difficulty holding down gigs and was often homeless and developed a bad habit of getting into bar fights  and coming out on the losing end of such self-induced encounters. After sneaking on stage at a Santana concert he was ejected on September 11, 1987 and after breaking a glass door at the Midnight Bottle Club for being refused entrance he got into a fight with an employee who was well versed in martial arts who broke several bones to his face and injured his right eye and left leg causing him to be taken to a hospital where he went into a coma, suffering a brain hemorrhage which left him brain dead to die on September 21 when taken off life support.
              On this day in:
              a. 1862 President Lincoln in his State of the Union Address reaffirmed the necessity of abolishing slavery as set forth in his Emancipation Proclamation 10 weeks ago.
              b. 1952 as a result of a New York Post article, Christine Jorgenson became the first person to have had sexual reassignment surgery which she had performed in Europe.           
              c. 1969 as the U.S. continued its draw down of U.S. forces in South Vietnam, the first draft lottery since World War II began.  
              d. 1990 after starting to tunnel on both sides of the English Channel the tunnelers under the seabed of the English Channel.
              e. 1991 as Russian troops are massing on the Ukraine border 20 years ago on this date Ukraine voters in a referendum approved by 92.3% of the voters approved the separation from the rapidly dissolving Soviet Union.
              Reflections on the attitudes of the British people to the Channel Tunnel:  John Noulton, director of public affairs for Eurotunnel, was asked to explain the British attitude and he replied with a quote from Andre Maurois's "L'Histoire d'Angleterre": "When I tell you that Britain is an island, I have told you everything about the British that you need to know."
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