Friday, December 31, 2021

Harris Once Again Displays Her Cluelessness on Our Issues With Her Answer on Inflation


Listening to Harris and Biden it is hard to pick what is worse
Hearing words lapsed and gapped from a mind that once was but now ravaged by dementia’s curse
Or hearing words non responsive muffled by chuckles from a mind that never was present
An answer on printing more money and the inflation caused when it is spent
Totally clueless on the root causes of inflation and oblivious to its tax like hiking effects
And why most Americans policies that cause it strongly reject
A listener might ask “How stupid can this VP actually be?”
Too much printed money to chase after goods and the devaluation of the dollar is easy to see
But maybe it’s not just a case of a lack of smarts
Maybe it’s a refusal to digest her daily briefings and the suggestions they impart
When it comes to preparation to handle the job she’s too lazy
A damning explanation of why her responses are often too hazy
Maybe she is too focused on redecorating her office or counting the days until the 25th is invoked
By tossing the race and misogyny card to scathe criticism and conceal the fact she is a joke
What a terrible Hobson’s Choice we face
If an attempt to before 2024 Biden replace
A man who each day by speech and action proves he is not cognitively fit
Or a woman who is unwilling to perform the duties because like Garner the office is not worth a bucket of warm spit
We can only get down on our knees and pray
Control of Senate and House and sweep the Progressives away
Two more years to endure Harris’ chuckles and cackles
While the socialist drift to the left by Biden is shackled
© December 31, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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