Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Another CNN Producer Being Investigating For Minors' Sexual Abuse


The stench from CNN on minors’ sexual abuse is once again on the rise
Sadly at that network it seems to come as no surprise
The Cack News Network to the joy of poets airs “The Lead with Jake Tapper”
Well named as his views seem to come directly unflushed crapper
Rick Saleeby a senior producer with Tapper’s show
Being investigated for juvenile sex crimes resigned and is the second CNN producer to go
Without Trump as a daily target to demean and smash
The Cack News Network’s ratings are in the toilet and have crashed
The network should really change its name
To the Con News Network to describe its deceiving game
Lacking news only opinions to con viewers to believe what is fake is really real
Running out of mindless Pavlovian viewers to replace those wanting news and for whom CNN no longer has any appeal
Given the fact Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted of enabling conspiring with Epstein’s sexual abuse of minor females
It is karma that the news of Saleeby’ s alleged perverse activities was revealed to become newsworthy tales
The perverse reptilian brain freely crosses any party lines
If convicted, no mercy or compassion and hope for a long time in prison he’s confined

© April 18, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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