Thursday, August 28, 2014

World Is Going To Hell And A Handbasket And Obama's Only Strategy Is To Belittle The Danger And Go Fundraising

What is with Obama? What about an ISIS threat does he not comprehend?
When will his surreal distorted view of fanatical Islam come to an end
I do not think the Joint Chiefs of Staff or Hagel are crying wolf about the ISIS threat
Even though our CinC’s jayvee comment he would wish we would all forget
Obama may be able to with teleprompters and photo ops multi task
Doubt it when he is on the walk on water fundraising bask
When does this President realize that a few more fat cat fund raising dollars his DNC can forgo?
There will be no  Arctic Vortex or Sharknado to scatter the millions of campaign fundraised dough
News is becoming clearer each and every day
That Americans and Europeans now fighting in the ISIS fray
Will return to their homes and our ideals to betray
Assuming we don’t have a strategy to them over there slay
Strategy Mr. President, stay in D.C. and with your military, the options weigh
This is so complex we cannot have your mind and focus on the links or on reaping the fundraising hay
Megyn was right to express disbelief of once again being AWOL or MIA
Where is the strategy to destroy, in Washington you should at your desk in meetings stay.
© August 28, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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