Sunday, August 17, 2014

State Atttorney General And Holder Full Speed Ahead On Michael Brown Shooting Investigation Please!

No one had heard of Ferguson until Michael Brown was gunned down
Not like Rodney King where there was a video that might have shown the execution of Michael Brown
No film, no video only witness accounts and a major distrust wave
Real challenge in this town to a sense of calm and safety save
In a town two thirds black with six percent of the police black
Easy to understand why the calm and peace being sidetracked
Investigations should be painstaking and the facts must prevail
But Ferguson is beginning to look like a community where faith in justice has just bailed
If Michael Brown had his hands up and he was shot down like a dog
Before this town explodes DOJ and the State pedal to the metal to clear away the fog
Each day of anger and curfew and an impression of the facts not coming to light
Another day of violence another violent chaos spreading into the night
Another autopsy and it looks like the DOJ has the FBI in droves on the ground
Sooner the facts come out less chance of more looting and shooting coming around
After a week, we still do not know whether he was shot in the chest or in the back
With all the flips and flops, the Ferguson police department has a major credibility lack
The chief of police is probably facing in his future a sack
Lost among the tears from tear gas is that Mr. Brown will never be coming back.
Urging calm, especially from the Al Sharpton likes, and a major effort to get the facts
God help the officer and the city’s coffers if Mr. Brown was shot in the back.
© August 17, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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