Saturday, August 9, 2014

Obama Urges Political Solution Then Off To Martha's Vineyard When Will We Arm The Kurds?

Today before off to a vacation in Martha’s Vineyard these words we heard
Our CinC on the lawn announced we are providing military assistance to the Kurds
A few questions from the press but no one asked anything about the aid
News reports in the past have been the Kurds pleading to buy but US forbade
Obama for several years has hid behind the fiction of an Iraqi unified sovereign state
Refused to sell to the Kurds, now facing ISIS with abandoned US arms knocking on their gates
Ironic that the only way until perhaps today the Kurds would see U.S. arms
Is from a closing distance in the hands of ISIS seeking to inflict great harm
While overhead Operation Gnat or Operation Pinprick targets its own made arms
Only two sorties not anywhere near the shock and awe alarm
We spend millions to waste money on a government headed by a man who can only divide
The reason why the Iraqis will not fight and why there is the flooding ISIS tide
Yet the one group in Iraq, the Kurds, their pleas for arms Obama chose to ignore
We owe the Kurds our support; after all we urged them to revolt after the first Gulf War
Then sat idly by
Hussein’s choppers allowed to fly
Thousands of Kurds were slaughtered based a belief
That in revolting against Saddam the U.S. would provide some relief.
We did not until the second Gulf War when we removed Hussein
Today we witness our efforts in rebuilding the Iraqi washed down the drain
Obama was to the point and absolutely right
Like South Vietnam under Diem, under Maliki’s divisiveness the Iraqi Army will not fight
The Kurds will and the heavy weapons we should supply
Will be used against ISIS and will be left only when the Kurds manning them die
If you are going to create a safe corridor for the mountaintop refugees
Nothing like tanks and artillery in Kurd hands and napalm on the ISIS to let them flee
Our CinC needs to act soon as winter is fast approaching to seal these innocents’ doom
A mountain top is not where in freezing 50,000 we should allow to be entombed
August 8, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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