Friday, August 22, 2014

Give A Fed Mouse A Regulatory Cookie And He Will Be A Growing Part Of Your Diet Forever

Once again the federal food police are on their inane ruthless prowl
Forcing a school cafeteria to as to its 40 year old “pink” cookie throw in the towel
As opposed to the proverbial dog whose bite is less than its growl
The students and parents of Elyria, Ohio rightfully against the feds scream foul
Childhood obesity maybe a growing trend but federal regulatory obesity is far worse
They control the portions; control the food because they control the education purse
Whatever happened to a parent’s right to control their children’s snacks?
The next nanny step will be for the feds to send children bringing in the “pink” cookie to home back
 What tiny part of our lives does the federal government think it cannot control
As parental rights these overreaching regulations on our kids diet stole?
This is not about obesity it is about federal overreach
In schools too often failing in the subjects they really need to teach
A suggestion here to the federal food police—back off you are in the wrong!
When it comes to parenting you absolutely are inept and you do not belong
If you want to fight obesity end the trend of stopping games like tag
Or football games played by students with pockets carrying flags
A 200 calorie “pink” cookie will not a child to a life of obesity condemn
But will a parent’s rights to choose for their own children further hem
© August 22, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
Poet for Hire Extraordinaire for Rhymes for the Memorable Times

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