Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Gnat Like Strikes Will Not Deter ISIS Heavy Weapons For The Kurds

ISIS is well armed with American heavy weapons abandoned by the Iraqi armed forces
Kurds have been pleading for weapons for weapons until they are hoarse
What is with our CinC who will not sufficiently arm with heavy weapons against ISIS a true ally?
Why when it comes to this crisis he can only make speeches and dilly dally?
He keeps indicating what he will not do, no boots to be set forth on the ground
World changing but to his campaign promises he remains tightly bound
ISIS may be the result of Maliki’s government of exclusion and is something they must solve
But failing that a news flash for this disengaged President our Homeland safety is involved
Rolling Thunder did not work in Vietnam and Rolling Gnat will not work in Iraq
A sortie here, a sortie there will not destroy the ability of ISIS to attack
Worse ISIS is now a Hamas deployment beginning to cruelly ape
Blend in with women and children to from the American laser bombs escape
Thousands of innocents on a barren mountain top
Face certain death even with our humanitarian drops
While Obama plays golf do we as a nation of conscience sit idly by?
While those innocents if not removed will surely die
Or do we land troops to a corridor open and the innocents extract?
Or do we continue to drop food and water and on their plight turn our back?
Most Americans do not want more combat in Iraq but with ISIS we may have no option
If we do not kill them there we have on our Homeland created a future deadly concoction
Hundreds of Americans have been fighting under the ISIS flag in Iraq
How many will return so easy to their fellow citizens attack?
I for one do not want to hold my breath and wait
Praying that their hatred of American will somehow abate
Time for our CinC to his responsibilities no longer shirk
Time to lead, create a contain and then destroy ISIS policy that will work.
© August 12, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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