Friday, August 8, 2014

Quinn Calender Is The New Mighty Quinn Are You Ready For New Lyrics Bob Dylan

Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, races and creeds
Stepping up to help or save someone in grave need
But they also come in all ages from the very old to the very young
Wonder if Bob Dylan will change the lyrics he has sung?
We all know due to Dylan of the Eskimo, the Mighty Quinn
What about Quinn Calender a seven year old to help his friend win?
Brayden Grozdanich was afflicted with cerebral palsy which ravages a child’s brain
Muscles are shorting in and out like an electrical appliance sparking in the rain
Physical therapy may help but not without an immense amount of pain
Surgery to help is too expensive and let a childhood pass in vain
But heroes do not dither, do not  wring their hands or woe is us exclaim
No heroes act to the unlucky forces on a friend try to tame
This mighty Quinn opened without by red tape getting shut down a lemonade stand
To raise funds for Brayden’s surgery to keep the pain from getting out of hand
The lemonade was excellent but could not sell at 100 a glass so fund raising was refined
With parent’s help the world became the stand;  Quinn and Brayden expanded to seek funds on line
20,000 Canadian was the goal which they blew right through to Canadian  61
Quinn reminds us that even if young, a hero’s work can be done
Brayden was able two days ago to go under the surgeon’s knife
Thanks to his friend Quinn, the Mighty Quinn, he has a chance to enjoy a much better life
© August 8, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet  

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