Friday, August 29, 2014

Radical Islam Not A Threat In FBI Report Are You Kidding

Is it because in his youth Obama was to Indonesian Islam exposed
That he continues to ignore the dangers of radical Islam literally under his nose?
While all around him in the world the jihadist threat continues to grow
Reality of what the world is instead of what he wishes it to be he can only oppose
I do not know if he can ever the words “radical Islam” even express
Fort Hood shootings become workplace violence, reality again suppressed
Boston Marathon bombing was just frustration of youth with no radical ties
An excuse like the PC charge of Islamaphobia Obama believes but most of us do not buy
It should come as no surprise that radical Islam does not even make the FBI’s terror threat list
Animal rights and environmental extremists join militia groups trying to federal overreach resist
60 pages from the FBI in its Domestic Threat Report that omit radical Islam is a total distort
How can place confidence in the FBI when radical Islam is not in its just released report
They must know that American Muslims are with ISIS fighting in Syria and Iraq
What makes the FBI so sure that once having tasted blood they will not be coming back
The report was released in August before the news of an ISIS laptop
Detailing plans to bring bio-terrorism here along how to set up bomb making shops
It is time for this President and fawners to get their heads out of the denial sand
Radical Islam is real, a threat and if we are not prepared will be hard domestically withstand
© August 29, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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