Thursday, August 7, 2014

Russian Bombers Play Chicken Off Our Coast Obama Prepares For Martha's Vinyard

It seems like only yesterday that Nikita was pounding on a U.N. table with his shoe
Taunting to the U.S. that we will bury you
In Cuba 90 miles away we faced the creation of missile sites
A Soviet Bear with MRBMs on their way flexing its military might
We probably came as close to planned nuclear war as one could be
But Kennedy was a leader and he knew what to do for the world to remain free
The Eagle’s talons were ready to extend
No Red Line in the ocean but a real naval blockade
He was not going to play some game of speech charade
Kennedy a PT 109 vet was believable, the Bear blinked and the Crisis was at an end
Our current CinC is not and the Bear will not blink
Putin does not care what our CinC thinks
So now the tests continue almost like a chicken road game
Russian bombers testing us with any miscalculations that may put the world aflame
16 times in last 10 days TU-95s have appeared off our coast
That close with nuclear cruise missiles and  a good part of the U.S. would be toast
Out jets scrambled to take the bait
But were they on time or too late?
While this game of chicken is going on
Soon we will see photos of the First Family strolling across the lawn
Nothing is more important than golf and Martha’s Vineyard to relax
Only hope the “football” is shown on TV being carried behind Obama’s back.
© August 7, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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