Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sally McSally May Shave The Barber This Time

This woman was born a year after I graduated from high school and entered the  Farm
When all around me young men were being drafted into the way of harm
I have read her campaign post; we have a hero in our midst who flew an A-10
Not in training but in combat to our foes a message of resolution of resolve to send
Martha McSally must have been a great pilot, for colonels tend to be rare birds
But what struck me as remarkable is that she rose against Saudi clothing rules so absurd
The world today with the likes of Boko Haram and ISIS is a very dangerous place
Even our borders with this Administration are a complete and utter disgrace
Arizonans will make their choice and Gabby was very much loved
But as an impartial observer I would go with the fighter pilot of the Warthog protecting troops from above
Ron Barber may be a good man, a patriot trying to do what is best for this land
But as a Blue tainted border crisis spirals completely out of hand
Time to make a change and vote for the Warthogs who rule the ground from the sky
A warning our Administration will not make—mess with the Eagle and you will die
It takes a brave woman to head down to the deck spewing destruction to our troops protect
And most likely in this woman a sense of retreat or surrender to completely reject
A strong woman, a brave woman, a patriot obviously to her very core
A colonel bright and accomplished; Representatives like her we need many more
© August 13, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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