Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Another Power Grab On The Way? Climate Change Treaty Without Senate?

The last time I read the Constitution treaties require the Senate to say yes
Our fearless CinC has put his golf clubs down now fumbling for a pen to somehow emissions suppress
Ours of course but not the Indians or the Chinese
Or any other country trying to the development poverty escape seize
The EPA created by Nixon was a noble attempt
To the forces of air and water pollution try to relent
It has become the gorilla that a cost benefit ratio could not begin to compute
Most of the agency’s science is probably  easy to refute
Not sure how our President will try to pull this off and implement
But when it comes to treaties even the Barbara Boxers and Elizabeth Warrens of the world should not allow Obama to the role of the Senate circumvent
Election Day is a little over two months away
The control of the Senate is completely in play
Reid has failed as a leader; he can only demonize, distort and blame
Obama still finds it impossible not with rhetoric to passions inflame
We are now at the another major fork in world
As the terrorist fanatics like ISIS around us have swirled
What is the strategy to contain and then destroy?
What forces for our own safety must we employ?
The sounds of silence from the White House should give us great concern and pause
Jihadists believing this President to be weak, feckless and indecisive will not from the stage of terror withdraw!
© August 27, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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