Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sharpton Will Eulogize Michael Brown At Memorial Services--God Help Us

On Monday a funeral service will be for Michael Brown held
Al Sharpton will deliver the eulogy; will the forces of chaos be quelled?
Or will the Reverend Al use a moment of grieving to summon his own crusade
To unleash the forces of racial divide in another violent parade
On Sunday TV he was defining Michael Brown’s shooting as a defining moment needing new laws
Six bullets regardless of the facts needs a conviction and the presumption of innocence we must withdraw
Sharpton’s screaming on TV from a man in physical stature and mind so very petite
Is what if we ever have a chance to unite again we must reject and defeat
Sharprton you need to eulogize, memorialize, evoke the memories to honor and keep
But do not demonize and use this funeral for your agenda to push into the street
Do not; please do not in your rabid misguided sense of justice pursuit
Demand the conviction of Wilson or the residents can once again with impunity loot
In short, if you are a man of the clothe, eulogize a sermon of peace, forgiveness and salvation
Not a call for laws, protests, and other acts to further divide this nation
May be a complete pipe dream but MSNBC should this pathetic ideologue’s show revoke
His ramblings and rantings are a complete, pathetic joke
© August 24, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
Poet for Hire; Poetry to Always Admire
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