Sunday, August 10, 2014

Time For Coherent Strategy Military, Political And Financial To Destory ISIS Arm The Kurds

Once again with gnat like strikes, we have the CinC acting feckless
In case of ISIS as to our Homeland safety his policy is reckless
He is right that as to ISIS success, Maliki is probably the main cause
But Obama compounded the mistake by doing everything he could to withdraw
This looks so much like Vietnam with ARVN fleeing from the Viet Cong
While a Catholic Diem ruled as a corrupt tyrant over the Buddhists from Saigon
Even with our military advisors with ARVN in the field
At the first sign of the Viet Cong they could not fight only yield
No wonder, like Maliki, Diem appointed officers not on merit but for their support
No wonder, ARVN like the Iraqis in time of battle usually came up short
Kennedy did not sit idly by or to on vacations go or appear at fund raising events
No, the need to and support of a coup against Diem was the message discreetly sent
If as Graham alleges, ISIS will be coming here if in Iraq and Syria it is not destroyed
We do not have the luxury of waiting for Maliki to a coalition government have employed
Not sure if the CIA still has the government--overthrow skills
But if Maliki fails to act, the message to him should be clear--we will
He was elected maybe or maybe not in an election “fair”
Removing a government and our ideals of democracy may not square
But in Iraq there must be Shia leaders to promote who accept and understand
That without including Kurds and Sunnis, there is no way short of being Saddam you can rule the land
To avoid a coup, if we would turn on the spigot and rush to the Kurds arms so they can their lands defend
We might bring this Caliphate and all its barbaric features to a welcome and quick end
After months upon months of Kurds’ pleas for arms and heavy weapons by our CinC ignored
Some hint Obama has finally come to his senses as ISIS is knocking at Irbil’s door
Kurds will fight and according to breaking news on Fox they have recaptured two towns
Scrap Operation Gnat Strikes and replace it with a real 24/7 air campaign to bring these jihadists down
If we could find bin Laden hopefully we can find the thug with the Rolex on his wrist
Start planning today for a Seal strike to make sure he ceases to exist
Unleash the FBI to determine what Americans have gone to ISIS like the Abe Lincoln Brigade of yore
Be waiting to nab when they with jihad in their hearts and minds come back on our shores
There have to be bankers in the West and Mideast that enable ISIS to use its stolen or extorted cash
Seize ISIS assets wherever they are found and cause those banks to cease or cause them to crash
Time for a coherent strategy to contain and destroy every last ISIS soldier; no more tactical only reacts
If CinC does not do so, seeking Red help along the way; God help when here ISIS starts to attack

© August 10, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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