Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bertha Fades Back To Tropical Storm After One Day Hurrican Fame Cristobal Next

Bertha in World War I was the scourge of Paris with its massive shells
90 miles away firing to bring all of Paris under her deadly spell
She lacked the accuracy of a cruise missile and fired a very slow rate
But when her boom went off the terror caused would not abate
Later on the links even in a beginner’s hand, a Bertha could almost reach the greens
Callaway’s Big Bertha was a fundamental change to the golfing scene
Par fives became par fours and par fours were now a drive and an easy pitching wedge
Now for only four to five Franklins any duffer could feel he had the Tiger edge
So when the news that a tropical storm named Bertha had just been formed heading to our coast
Fears with a name like that she grow into another Andrew or Katrina and a good part of us would be toast
Winds at speeds of a golf ball sizzling of the tee
Explosive winds gutting all buildings, flattening all trees
But fortunately hurricanes are like humans where at birth a name is bestowed
Despite all its meanings, the name does not foretell where that child’s future will go
Great news today that Bertha after growing into hurricane status of but one day
Downgraded to back to a tropical storm as her wind speed began to fade away
We dodged the bullet on this one and now wait for Cristobal to be formed
This time we hope he lives up to his name and bears a most forgiving and loving storm
© August 5, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet  

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