Thursday, August 7, 2014

Genocide Of Christians In Iraq Obama Studies

Once again the failure to lead or act instead of a teleprompter speech
Means another crisis as Christians facing genocide our aid beseech
Seems like only yesterday Obama was touting his analogy of the JVs
To justify the “what me worry response” as ISIS was beginning its terror spree
We had them in the open on the roads so vulnerable to our bombs to unload
As usual our CinC retreated into his study the options mode
So now we face the ISIS edict—convert, leave or die
While the U.S. on the issue of genocide sits idly by
Obama is in a quandary as he has no Reds on this one to blame
The coming blood is on his watch, on his desk, for his only shame
We cannot be the world’s policeman; we cannot all the world’s problems solve
How many Christians have to be slaughtered before we get involved?
On our border Obama cannot wait to help the children find a way to stay
For their parents will not be far behind as future Blue votes for elections to sway
Genocide is the Holocaust, it is Rwanda, it is the Balkans, it is the Killing Fields
Human corpses and skulls when men of conscience to forces of evil yield
We have no strategy to these jihadist fanatics kill or at least contain
Other than wait, then study, then blame--what a way for our standing in the world to retain
Michelle said when Obama was elected she was proud to be an American at last
Watching our CinC in inaction I am ashamed, as our days of glory under him faded into the past
 © August 7, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 

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