Sunday, August 10, 2014

Obama's Summer Reading List Needs Dictionary Earmarked To "Strategy"

I am not sure what is on Obama's summer book reading list
Here is a suggestion as his leadership skills seem not to exist
Strategy is a word and concept so far from his mind
In dealing with crisis after crisis he does not see almost like a man blind
ISIS is just the latest that jayvee team that is now in the terrorist hall of fame
This time he has no Reds or Bush to blame
No Reds to with teleprompter sermonize
Or photo op demonize
Only Maliki a puppet of Iran to marginalize
All while outnumbered ISIS cuts the Iraqi Army down to size
My choice for Obama will not be books on leadership
His ego would not allow him to make that learning trip
No my choice is a dictionary with "strategy" earmarked
It's what he continues to lack; it's why he seems always in the dark
A dictionary along with a link
Might help understand why some of us are dismayed on how the nation continues to sink

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