Sunday, August 31, 2014

Obama As CinC Is Withdrawn, Still MIA or AWOL

Obama is being blasted by Rogers once again for on ISIS having withdrawn
Poor choice of words as Obama has never on ISIS had a strategy to bring on
Still smarting from the ridicule of his jayvee statement just months ago
Still smarting from the ridicule of his golfing while the ISIS threat continues to grow
Still smarting from the ridicule of yet another fundraising trip
While ISIS continues to in Syria and Iraq tighten its deadly grip
One cannot withdraw when one has never, ever engaged
On jihad and ISIS his ideas are only a blank page
His pen used only to the Constitution circumvent
Head in the sand dreaming the evil forces will like him and relent
His ego will not allow him to admit he has made major errors
Others learn from their mistakes; he can only blame the truth bearers
ISIS may now be seeking to our nonexistent border exploit
A few car bombs here and there to our sense of security disjoint
Obama when it comes to foreign policy and keeping this nation secure
Is MIA or AWOL at best always falling for the fundraiser or golfing lure
Finding a nation today that respects us or fears us is like the needle in the haystack
He is viewed as feckless and unable or unwilling to protect an ally’s back
With his holy grail of never boots on the ground repeated over and over again
Acts of Russian or Chinese or ISIS aggression not a question of if only a question of when.
© August 31, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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