Friday, August 8, 2014

Second Airstrikes Against ISIL 300 Yashidi Women Taken Kurds Need Arms

In Iraq the nightmare of Boko Haram War on Woman repeats
ISIL drags off 300 Yashidi women for most likely as sexual treats
Christians and Yashidis in Northern Iraq flee ISIL to avoid a despicable choice
Convert to Islam, pay a fine, or die while we in the name of jihad we rejoice
Finally Obama partially listens to the jayvees giving us a wake up call
That a small well organized and thanks to us equipped group may cause Iraq to fall
In the North where the Kurds have been pleading for arms to no avail
Against ISIL armed with tanks and artillery Kurds armed with rifles may soon fail
A region or country can fall; ripples of turmoil against our interests can spread
But Obama will not act until public outcry of genocide of a potential 50,000 dead
Two F-18 jets yesterday dropped laser bombs on an artillery piece that was Erbil trying to shell
News reports is that the strike blew the jihadists back to their Paradise Hell
Today in another surgical strike, a drone took out a mortar lube
Killing another crew of jihadist fanatical rubes
Two more jets took on a seven vehicle convoy
Several vehicles were quickly destroyed
Pin pricks, gnat bites, a Rolling Thunder on terror not even remotely like
The Kurds besieged wait with baited breath for the next air strike
Obama’s demeaning of ISIL early as jayvees while they were holding their breath
On the road in convoys that a resolute CinC could have turned into a Highway of Death
Means the problem has exploded, become more complex and quick fixes now defy
Maybe too late even if the Iraqis replace one of the root causes--Al- Maliki
Poets should always inspire and suggestions to leaders avoid
But a few simple suggestions to get us out of this void
A student of history will tell you that South Vietnam was in a Diem induced revolt
Buddhists in self flames and the army at the drop of punji stick ready to bolt
Kennedy realized that Diem like Maliki could not govern and backed a coup
But the generals went over the line and the Diem brothers they deposed and then slew
Maliki must go and if he somehow manages to stay
A division of Iraq into three should come into play
A student of history will remember that we after Gulf War I urged a revolt of the Kurds
Without Stingers, they were slaughtered by the thousands by Hussein’s war birds
Kurds have shown unwillingness for centuries against adversity to turn tail
But unless we start providing heavy arms against ISIl swatting American gnats they will fail
The alternative is to force a coalition government and put advisors on the ground
Assuming with a coalition government that the Iraqi army will come around
But the Obama Doctrine of once an American boot leaves contested ground
In a complete withdrawal, it will never, ever come back down
Means that option which in the long term might be best
Will never happen, will never be put to the test
© August 8, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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