Friday, August 22, 2014

Chinese Jet Armed To Teeth Buzzes U.S. Poseidon In International Waters

From the news today in the South China Sea it would appear our images further sinks
Nuclear powers should never play the game of chicken to see who first blinks
Poseidon may have been a god with a trident for forces against him to defend
Our Poseidon is a surveillance plane with no defenses against missiles a hostile foe might wish to send
A Chinese fighter jet armed to the proverbial missile teeth buzzes our Poseidon within thirty feet
Rolls over its top to show how shooting it down would be an easy feat
Another example of how the great nation in the eyes of China is in continuing retreat
No wonder instead of a Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Reagan or, two Bushes we now have a fundraiser in the CinC’s seat
We are no longer feared in China, Russia, Iran, Syria or North Korea not even remotely admired
Less so as the tips of our spears in the Army and Navy are being forced to retire
Very quickly as Obama wants to our military footprint severely cut back
We may not have the forces to fend off any major against our security interest attacks
Obama wanted a turn to the Pacific and then starts reducing our sailors and their ships
On any sense of strategy in foreign policy he has not even a feeble grip
Our military quickly lodged the right protests with their Chinese counterparts
Given their perception of us will the next they shoot and then depart
Obama has been on the job for almost six years and still has not learned
In a dangerous world where even the Jayvees at us scoff, keep the peace through strength or get burned
Another hint, fundraising and playing golf is not the jousting equivalent of sharpening military skills
If our CinC does not get his act together and soon, his lack of strategy is going to get a lot of his fellow citizens killed!
© August 22, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
Poet for Hire Extraordinaire for Rhymes for the Memorable Times

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