Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pelosi Out Of Control Charges Across Aisle To Attack Marino--Brooks and Summer Deja Vu

The comments coming out of Pelosi’s mouth in recent weeks have been bizarre
She appears to have gone over the top, gone way too far
The most recent during an interview that Hamas does humanitarian deeds
Indicates what little rational judgment she possessed has gone to complete seed
After attacking the Hobby Lobby case’s reaffirmation of religious freedom which has been under attack
She hectors us that it is not Christian for people to want to send this recent flood of illegal kids back
But until yesterday her biased tantrums were merely words designed to inflame
Destroy any rational discussion and on the Reds cast blame
For a minute on the House floor I thought the scene had been shifted to Korea or Japan
Where debate can sometime degenerate into violence that quickly gets out of hand
Or maybe a flashback to a preCivil War Senate floor with Summers giving a speech
And Preston Brooks a Blue charging into the Senate to with a cane Summers a lesson to teach
No it was here, it was today and I'm watching Pelosi charging across the aisle, finger pointing to Marino verbally attack
Talk about an attempt for any discourse on the border crisis to sadly distract
Pelosi seemed like the unleashed fury of a woman scorned
All sense of decorum in the House completely shorn
All members of the Congress are not without sin
This partisan drive to ignore the people’s needs to win
It is time to have a partisanship ceasefire
We face issues here and around the world very dire
Obama, Reid, and Pelosi need to sign on and really need to chill
Likewise with the Reds who sometimes are more than shrill
Even with in the fall a much needed Senate flip
Without such an act, our ability to respond to issues will continue to slip
© August 2, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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