Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jon Voight Slams Cruz, Bardem And Other Latino Stars For Idiotic Remarks On Israelnishoaand

We mere mortals are too infatuated with celebs as the new paragons of knowledge of issues complex
Waiting anxiously for any pronouncement on an issue a star would choose to inject
After all how could someone of such beauty or manly action and poise
Not be the person who knows the solutions to problems to deploy?
In the silver screen the villains be they our government or external forces
The leading lady or man always has the knowledge to alter their courses
Not with delay, indecision or stuttering, or non confident speech
But the right words, right acts so into our hearts and minds they reach
Sadly, knowledge and wisdom is not the ability to remember one’s lines
Or to play well a character in a script according to the director’s design
Celebs’ auras of knowledge and intellect are purely creations of a script
Understanding of an complex issue is likely something they cannot grip
So said Jon Voight’s condemnation of Bardem, Cruz and other Hispanic stars
Who condemned Israel as against Hamas of going too far
Is so on point it ought to be by Psaki and Kerry read
As Hamas in the wars of opinion wants more Palestinians dead
Valuing the opinion of a celeb because he or she has played an expert on the screen
Makes about as much sense as going to Robert Young aka Marcus Welby MD and having him remove a tumor on your spleen
Even more telling was Voight’s pointed question of how many celebs could pursue their craft in Sharia’s living hell
My guess is none; so why is the outrage needed against Hamas’ actions such a hard sell?
© August 5, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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