Thursday, August 21, 2014

No More Gnat Strikes Time For Comprehensive All Out Strategy To ISIL Destroy

We have now been warned in no uncertain terms of the dangers from ISIS we now face
Hagel clearly indicated the nature of the threat of ISIL we off this planet do not erase
This is not just a threat to our way of life but to the entire human race
Like the pirates of old for ISIL there can be no haven no safe place
If our CinC could ever get up to speed, off the links, off the fundraisers and try to attend to what this country needs
Maybe in the Victory Garden of containment and then destruction we could plant the winning seeds
If all our President can do is small gnat like air attacks
We are lost because a strategy to destroy we lack 
ISIL now controls some small oil fields and refineries in Northern Iraq
Time to with the Kurds, air power and special ops take them back
Assuming Obama does not give out so many pink slips several carriers can no longer sail
We have enough air power to insure that any ISIL movement will fail
ISIL needs money that through the world capital markets must flow to be spent
There must be banking rules that would prevent the funds from being sent
The world banking community must have the ability to tract funds and somehow their use seize or block
Anyone financially assisting these savages must receive a real crippling financial shock
It would be ironic but almost like the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact in 1939
We may have to ally with Assad to keep these barbarians in line
It is finally time for Obama to with conviction and banned from the links to with sincerity take off the table
The crippling effect of pledges of no more boots on the ground to fight—time to end this pathetic fable
Diplomacy works when your foes do not know what you will do
Not clear signs of the acts like boots on the ground that you will not sough

© August 21, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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