Sunday, August 17, 2014

Even Blues Are Condemning Obama On ISIS

I would never judge a politician’s patriotism by his party seat or hue
Finally ranking congressional leaders are expressing concern over our CinC and to no surprise they are Blue
Obama when he had the chance instead of creating spin
That ISIS the Jayvee team could not hold territory they could not win
ISIS on the roads, no air defense complete sitting ducks
Another Highway of Death they would have been slaughtered completely out of luck
While the Kurds begged, pleaded for heavy weapons for their lands to defend
He turned a deaf ear, turned them away to let them for themselves fend
News flash for this President who  has to finally accept a great amount of blame
A weak and feckless attempt for a SOFA to Maliki’s excesses bend
A caliphate complete with borders and oil and passports of Western friends
Is an unmitigated disaster and sadly a continuation of a feckless trend
My heart goes out to the innocents that were slaughtered, heads on sticks
Finally no boots on the ground President had to act against these pathetic sicks
A new mantra for this President who has been in this crisis  MIA
In this dangerous part of the world what is best for the USA?
What is best and if he cannot realize this he is more that a complete fool
We need to contain, kill and eradicate ISIS with every arsenal tool
No boots on the ground is a slogan to play to his base
Has no basis if we really want to this threat to our security erase
© August 17, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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