Sunday, August 10, 2014

Kurds Retake Two Towns From ISIS Barbarians

In a Huff Post headline it was announced
Kurds retook two towns from the "insurgents"
Although ISIS is in revolt against authority, poor choice of words
Masks the beheadings, too flowery like using cow chip instead of cow turd
Barbarians that behead children or bury people alive
Send Christians and Yazidis to a barren mountain to survive
"Insurgents" is not the word in describing ISIS I would use
These fanatics are barbarians the rules of humanity they abuse
The only words that should appear should be "war criminals"
"Genocidists,"" savages,""mad dogs,""vermin," " scum," "subhuman" or "blood thirsty animals"
The world needs in one voice to rise up against these vermin "Enough"!
Take this idea of a Caliphate and up your rear end stuff
Anyone remotely aiding these vermin including some Americans I fear
Have lost any right to live by disobeying the laws of humanity to which we adhere
Maybe as the decibels of worldwide outrage rise up
We might be joined by the silent mullahs screaming that Islam ISIS corrupts
So said it is great news that the Kurds have beaten these vermin back
If Obama ended his insane arms embargo the Kurds would find it easier to attack
Instead of waiting on Maliki and using  gnat like strikes Obama might develop a strategy we now lack
To contain and then destroy to the last savage both in Syria and in Iraq!
© August 10, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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